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Beginning of the 50s called the then Deacon Müller the trombone work in our community to life. Unfortunately, by the departure Deacon Müller is not a complete quartet more left and until the beginning of 1955 the brass band Herbrechtingen was established under the direction Wolfgang web Meiers with five active winds.

How and where the instruments were procured, is not known, you also no longer looking like the choirmaster survived the first Blasversuche.

One thing is certain, the young choir was blowable and soon had his first appearance. The wonderful acoustics in the choir of our church helped to beautify the bubbles and make them sensitive ears available

At the time, they met once or twice a week in the sacristy to the sample, which, for example, in the winter was not always easy, because you had to heat up the standing in the room wood and coal stove at least two hours prior to the sample so as not to freeze all zusehr.

Also was not always easy to access to the sacristy through the partially closed cemetery door. So some pants were torn when climbing over.

The Jungbläser were in the living room in the house Eiferle overheard year under the attentive ear of 80- Opa Eiferle who also sometimes woolly hat from the drawer pulled, this pulled over his ears and said, "So Buaba, for safety hörat no on because unit has ed's good klonga! "

There were also spared no effort to travel to trumpet camps. In 1955 Wolfgang web Meier, Heinz Eiferle and Heinz Schmid took the former country trombone Wart Hermann Mühleisen Unterjoch in the Allgäu.

They rode in pouring rain with the bike, but could not take the instruments. So they were simply packed in a box and sent by rail to Wertach, where they were picked up in the evening.

The procurement of instruments was not easy at. In 1956, the funding problem of the "deep bass" had to be solved with the help of a Kuhfuhrwerks. Nearly the whole village was several months old iron collected and stationed in the courtyard of the church municipal council Maier and then disassembled.

For the prevailing conditions the proud amount of DM 1,500.00 came together and the tuba, the course was ordered a long time, could one day before Christmas Eve with pride by train, own car had obviously not yet to be picked up in Ludwigsburg.

When Kurrendeblasen the wind did much more difficult than today. You had to walk the two or three points to tackle in place. It also happened that in the bitter cold froze the instruments and once human and instrument had to be thawed!

Adolf Riedinger, who went into the Posaunenschule Wolfgang web Meier, took over the choir conducting in 1958 and successfully continued the choir.

The choir grew steadily and in 1960 had to be the rehearsal for lack of space of the sacristy in the Schießberg Häusle embarrassed. There was also an oil furnace, but still had the winter to the evening to have a warm exercise room, the oil can be dragged up in cans from the village.

Through personal contacts of the conductor and also the wind, it always came back to meetings and concerts with other choirs. It was in the early days is simply not possible that a single choir could hold a concert. So joint concerts were played with the choirs from Mergelstetten, Giengen and Bolheim at regular intervals.

Over the years, also good contacts with the trombone choirs came in Gingen / Fils and Bernstadt in Ulm to pass. The contact with the choir in Bern city was linked by our former vicar wind Preisendanz.

The change careers Adolf Riedinger 1966 Künzelsau, in turn, resulted in a several-year friendship with the chorus from Niedernhall, in which he had taken over the chorus line.

Sorry, the contacts to the individual choirs no longer exist all.

In Herbrechtingen woman Hopfmüller, the former cantor and catechist, the baton, which at that time for a brass ensemble represented a completely unusual picture took, since only few wind inner played in the choruses, which has now indeed changed luckily fundamentally.

The construction of the Albrecht-Bengel-meetinghouse was from the year 1966, the rehearsal of "Schießberg Häusle" be relocated to a new place. This means that the years of Ölkannenschlepperei came to an end.

After two years, in 1968 the choir was then taken over by Mr Ernst Bosch, who until his sudden resignation this activity in 2010
our Choir initiated.

As Heinz Schmid once said: "The no instrument is the conductor!"

A special event is still the their Federal in Ulm, the biennial takes place there.

Every year, the fan inside and wind from far and wide again, and then participate together at the final rally at the Münsterplatz.

1974 took place the first time our weekend leisure in Flein home, which is then held every year regularly 1979th We spend together to make music together and to spend a few hours two or three days.

In this initial services in Flein home, Nattheim or Dischingen were held.

For several years, the concert is the Samaritans' Foundation in Neresheim a fixed date, we again like to meet every year. For a few years we gladdened the nursing home residents in Nattheim in house Rainbow with a little serenade.

So had the choir over the years countless service missions in Herbrechtingen, as well as in the neighboring communities and Bolheim Mergelstetten.

The first time was held a religious service in the open in Wental 1981st It was an attempt to reach people outside the church.

Since 1985 we also surround the church in the countryside in Eselsburg on Pfingstmontag.Seit 1989, we like to play every year at the Christmas market in Herbrechtingen.

Even on regular missions to the dead Sundays, church festivals, Kurrendeblasen on Easter Sunday with subsequent resurrection celebration at church tower, and events of the country church, Chrischona community and Catholic church on the program.

Since 1993, we visit at very irregular intervals, Teichwolframsdorf the partner community of our parish.
We always spend a few days and enjoy their inhabitants with our game in worship, a small concert and the morning Kurrendeblasen on the village streets.

Always nice is our Christmas bubbles in Karl-Kaipf home in the Mill Road. It is wonderful to see the gleam in the eyes of the residents who like to also sing loudly in the Christmas music and appreciate the musical entertainment.

Not to forget the stakes at weddings, birthdays and unfortunately also at funerals.
So a number of appointments to be made true for the sake of God in the course of a year, then at the end take culminating with the Christian Mass in the church.

Some years offered the brass band in cooperation with the pastor wife SCHAAF Bosch also a fan - at Christmas Mass.
There were Christmas carols at 22.00 combined with short readings to end the Christmas Eve ceremony. It was anew each year a contemplative finale.

Whether it storms or snows, every year on the 1st Christmas Day are the blowers inside and brass on time at 8:00 am at the Protestant church to greet the congregation with the Kurrendeblasen.

It is always nice ritual to the usual places to halt to take the tools and the people to agree on a nice 1 Christmas Day. It is wonderful to observe how are gradually opened to the window
tofollowtheearly morning game. Of course, we enjoy again and again in the gifts of the residents, whether money or Bredla Schnäpsle we never actually averse.

Since November2010, our choir is led mainly by Stephanie Hessling.
This makes conducting in all seriousness of rehearsing by your cheerful, but also
certain way a lot of fun and joy.
I think we can happily treasures that Steffi through your knowledge due to your music studies, our choir has something taught in recent years of discipline, will, expressiveness and harmony. Harmony was of course based on the music teaching. Harmonically it was with us more in spite of the variety of different characters almost always :-)

Reiner Jungingerlikewise assumes thebaton when Steffitimes absent,
or as is often used on the organ.
But rather he actually plays his trumpet. He accepts responsibility and diverse tasks related. Music selection, appointments along with Steffi.

We believe that this "dual leadership" does our choir and was good after the sudden task of our 42 years long choirmaster Ernst, the only way our choir before the resolution to save what then actually up for debate.

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